About the Journal

Focus and Scope

      JMIR Neurotechnology (JNT, Editor-in-Chief: Pieter Kubben, MD, PhD) is a premier, open-access journal indexed in Sherpa/Romeo and EBSCO/EBSCO Essentials. JNT fosters research that strengthens existing and creates new connections between practice in clinical neuroscience and available technologies by publishing content that concretely links the work of practicing and research neuroscientists with innovative technologists. The journal also aims to serve patients, caregivers, and others challenged by neurological disorders by supporting deeply translational medicine, stimulating connections from byte to bedside.

      JMIR Neurotechnology offers authors rapid and thorough peer-review, professional copyediting, professional production of PDF, XHTML, and XML proofs. This journal adheres to the same quality standards as our flagship journal, Journal of Medical Internet Research.